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JimG taking notes in a KGB Cell









Sep 11, 2006 - Day 2

After breakfast our first stop was the Museum of Genocide Victims otherwise known as the KGB Museum.   Along the base of the building the names of the victims who died at this location.  The KGB building was establshed in 1940 when the Soviet Union occupied Lithuania.  It was here that people and entire families were brought in for questioning and detained for 7-8 weeks while the paperwork was prepared.  The only way out was death or a trip to Siberia. 

In the basement of the museum are actual prisoner cells used by the KGB to retain and torture prisoners.  There were padded cells with straight jackets, cells with water-proof floors used to make prisoners stand in cold water.  In one corner of the basement there is an execution chamber where prisoners were shot, up to 25 people a night.

The last prisoner left this prison in 1992 after the Soviet Union fell and Lithuania became a free nation.  Remains of victims as well as personal artifacts were found were and are now on display.  Also on display are KGB uniforms, photographs of the KGB officials, and the bags of shredded documents left behind by the KGB officials.

Ironically the KGB building sits next door to the Academy of Music.  During the 1940's the government would invite students to rehearse during evening and night hours to cover up the screams coming from the building.  I must admit, it was not any easy thing to see and it left me disturbed. 

KGB UniformsKGB Cell

Shredded Documents

Straight Jack in Interrogation room

Execution Chamber



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